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Nachhilfe in Jena - Italienisch, Französisch, Englisch, Tandempartner

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07745 Jena
I am an Italian teacher with two years experience in teaching in primary school to children and to adults that want to learn italian.
I am graduate in Italian Literature but I am fluent in French (C1) and English (IELTS C1). I am also studying Education at the university and to get my DITALS 2 diploma that will certify my as a Italian teacher.
I am friendly, caring and patient with sense of humor, but I am also very precise and responsible.
Teaching for me is not only a job, it is my passion and I always give my best.
I just moved to Germany and I am still learning the language, so I would also like to have a tandem partner.

Fächer, in denen ich dir helfen kann:

Grundsätzlich unterstütze ich bis zu diesem Niveau: Universität / Studium

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